JQIは、チリでの会社設立、ビザ申請など、 法務、税務、労務上の手続きを代行します。 JQI APOYA NEGOCIOS ENTRE CHILE Y JAPÓN JQIは、チリの会計、税務、労務業務を リーズナブルな料金で代行します。 JQI ofrece AR Solution desde Japón ¿Quiere desarrollar con tecnología japonesa? JQIは、チリの税務上および法律上の問題を解決し、 あなたの会社を法律から守ります。
We support business between Chile and Japan


Business Development, Systems Development,
Solutions, Administrative Outsourcing,
Interpretation and Translation Japanese / Spanish / English,
Import and Export.


We develop your business working with Japanese technology.

Business Development

Do you want to bring any Japanese products to Chile? There are still many Japanese products that are not available in Chile. This is…

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System Development

Do you want to develop your business using Japanese technology? JQI is a consulting firm specialized in business management and…

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Interpretation and Translation

Japanese / Spanish / Portuguese / English JQI has a team of professional interpreters specialized in various areas and sectors…

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Administrative Outsourcing

We offer outsourcing of tax, accounting, labor and legal services for foreign companies as well as small and medium-sized companies…

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Export and Import

We export frozen fruits from Chile and South Africa to Japan. We import the latest technology, systems, products and food from Japan…

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Studies and Research

We conduct market research and business analysis to create trial material for entering the Japanese market…

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Chile has abundant resources and agricultural products, and Japan has high technical capabilities with a well-developed service industry.

Although the seasons are in opposition and the time zones are different, Chile and Japan share values around freedom, equality and democracy, as well as concerns about earthquakes and tsunamis.

We continue finding valuable and interesting things in both countries. We will keep searching for new possibilities in the Japanese-Chilean future.

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