• Who are we?
    Japanese quality for Chile.
    Based in Chile, JQI is a consulting firm specializing in business management and development via implementation of the Japanese "Core Business" philosophy in companies, giving them the tools to establish bilateral commercial business relationships with Japan.

    Not only that, now there is "Japanese Quality in Chile".  These are sustainable business models that adapt to the national character and culture of Chile. We encourage Japanese businesses already in Chile to take advantage of the companies we represent in order to mutually benefit one another.

    One of the business tools that JQI brings to Chilean companies is the concept of "Continuous Quality and Improvement", the goal of which is to continuously provide clients with solutions, building a track record of credibility and professionalism and ultimately keeping clients absolutely satisfied.
  • What is Japan Quality?
    JQI is a consulting firm with an innovative vision that combines a business building philosophy with Japanese standards of quality in the Chilean market. This new method for guaranteed success of products and services creates a "win-win" situation for all those involved (clients, suppliers, and the community).

    Why use a Japanese method for business success?

    If you analyze Japanese business culture, you will see how its economic model promises high levels of profitability, productivity, and quality. The success of this model has been proven in various markets throughout countries considered world powers thanks to its management leadership, cohesion and integration of multidisciplinary work teams, among other attributes.

    The level of preparation and continuous improvement held by all company members is one of the fundamental aspects propelling its exponential development. Not only that, it also has had the ability to quickly and effectively address natural disasters facing the country.
  • Mission / Vision
    As one of the leading companies to establish a Japanese business philosophy network in both local and Japanese markets, JQI's mission is to provide commercial and technological solutions based on clients needs with a focus on innovation and development, a high level of professionalism and planning guaranteed by a high standard of quality in service, process efficiency, and profitability in regards to investments.

    We strive to be a national leader that is reliable and transparent, providing high standards of quality and delivering innovative solutions in order to develop business between Chilean and Japanese companies.
  • Philosophy
    JQI’s philosophy is Kyoseitason, which means, "Coexist while respecting others".

    Globalization refers to the connecting and combining of different cultures, which is different from internationalization, in which countries mutually relate to one another.

    Our society encourages respect for other cultures and promotes a healthy spirit necessary for mutual growth.

    In order to build the foundations of a new society, it is very important to believe in sharing and be tolerant and accepting of other cultures.

    JQI aspires to be a pioneer in this new society's new generation.