JQI are thinking about what we can do for Chile and Japan, and exploring new business opportunities.

Japanese Food Culture

Japan culinary flavors, have a composition that characterizes worldwide. These were fusing of different variations which were melted for hundreds of years.

The ingredients in your meals seek nutritional balance are seasonal foods and have a rich diversity, such as ties with the ritual of annual food life in Japan.

Foreign countries evaluated in great shape Japanese food, for their multiple flavors and varieties of styles and combinations.

Recycling and the Environment

Japan has been developing and offering various solutions for businesses related to recycling and environmental stewardship.

They have a wide range of industries producing environmental technologies.

These can be brought to Chile so they can implentar in different companies to improve our air, sea and land contaminated.

Friendship with Japan

Chile and Japan have much in common as earthquakes and tsunamis, the Pacific Ocean and EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone), etc.

For the distance between the two countries, and we have no differences facility to establish friendly relations.

JQI has ideas to deepen the relationship between Chile and Japan.