JQI specializes is providing a multi-disciplined team that provides concrete, real-time support allowing Chilean and/or Japanese companies to make informed decisions, optimizing products and services according to consumer needs and getting the client the best commercial agreement possible with their business counterpart. JQL is a strategic ally that gives structure to the product/service of interest linking both companies. JQL accompanies clients from the very first key meetings and allows clients to close on the best business deals. JQI establishes negotiations with a clear understanding of the client’s vision, becoming an ally for the company.

Services include:

  • Locating distributors.

  • Locating buyers.

  • Locating OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

  • Locating suppliers.

  • Advisement during merger and acquisitions processes.

  • Financial analysis of companies (Credit risk).

  • On-site advisement during company visits and local company tours.