JQI provides R+D+I (Research, Development, and Innovation) advisement, giving clients a thorough market analysis based on the needs of the product/service in order for them to participate in commercial negotiations, bilateral agreements and strategic alliances between Chilean and Japanese companies.

Services include:

  • Support during process of entry to Chile and/or Japan.

  • Draw up of policy and regulatory baseline for products/services entering Chile and/or Japan.

  • Research and mapping of consumer groups for company products/services.

  • Local market research and analysis Chile/Japan and Japan/Chile).

  • Market value research, product/service variety.

  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

  • Study of key consumer groups for products/services (competitors, clients, consumers, community, suppliers, etc.).

  • Research, trends, and analysis of product or service supply and demand.

  • Conducting and analyzing internal and external customer satisfaction surveys (*).

  • Conducting and analyzing consumer surveys (*).

(*) Advisement related to carrying out and analyzing surveys includes: Quantitative and qualitative models, in-depth surveying, focus groups, telephone surveys, email surveys and website forms.