Learn Spanish

Private spanish language classes are prepared especially for foreigners who live temporarily in Santiago.
As our academic policy, you are required to talk to all native Spanish instructors except for in the case of emergencies.
Your effort to use Spanish will be evaluated as part of your class performance in Reading and Writing as well as Spoken Spanish classes.

  • Beginner level

  • The Spanish diploma initial level accredits sufficient linguistic ability to understand and respond appropriately to most common situations in everyday life as well as allowing you to express desires and needs in a basic way, like greeting, ordering in restaurants, shopping, talking about your work, talking about your hobbies, leaving voice messages, etc.

  • Basic level

  • The second month, you will be able to communicate better with people, not only with friends. You can discuss and comment on culture and customs, express your ideas with significant detail and prepare for your travels within Chile or South America. When you finish this course, you will have a good base of Spanish in order to function more comfortably.
    The basic Spanish diploma accredits sufficient linguistic ability to function in ordinary situations of everyday life, in normal communication circumstances such as travel preparations, discuss and comment on the news, give and receive advice, read and write emails both formal and informal, negotiate prices and terms, etc.

  • Intermediate level

  • In the intermediate course, you will develop your language abilities related to real situations that are found in every day life as well as travel.
    The intermediate Spanish diploma accredits the necessary linguistic competence to integrate into situations requiring an advanced use of the language and knowledge of the culture and customs for example reading newspapers, understanding specific issues, adequately expressing any situations, and developing good writing and reading skills in Spanish , etc.

  • Advanced level

  • This course is for foreigners who do not have much trouble communicating in everyday life and are eager to develop their Spanish more efficiently. Being a private course means you can choose schedules at your convenience and schedule your own courses. When you finish this course, you will find it easier to communicate and express yourself properly on any issue. Also, we can prepare you for the DELE exam.

    Tuition Each level 1UF / 90 min.